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Shankar Durairajan

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iFox Ads is a Chennai based cinema chain owned by the iFox Groups. The company is different from the rest due to its unique marketing focus of delivering ongoing value to its patrons. iFox Ads has high footfalls and almost redefines the habits of its consumers. iFox Advertising is made visible using slides as impact drivers.

One of the important factors is that an advertisement is a medium which reaches people from every corner and around. People’s population so converged that they visit theatres in every while of before and after the show time. It is also noticed that people pay more attention to the cine ads than TV ads in the market.


Elevate Your Advertising Success with iFox

  • 01 Personal Stake in Your Success
  • Our team takes pride in what we do and genuinely cares about your continued success, ensuring a personal and dedicated approach to meet your advertising goals.

  • 02 Commitment Embedded in Our Culture
  • Our unwavering commitment to our clients is deeply ingrained in our corporate culture, driving us to go above and beyond every day, proving our dedication through exceptional service and results.

  • 03 Reliable Delivery and Realistic Platform
  • Trust us for top-quality advertising with on-time delivery and a realistic approach to platform observance. Our trustworthy coordination and field expertise ensure effective and impactful campaign execution.


Services are handled by a professional team


Shankar Durairajan

Chief Executive Officer

Sidhartha Mohan

Chief Marketing Officer